Malta has a cool red/ deep brown tone, really creamy and long lasting, can be paired with a brown lip liner to give it a darker look 😍
The perfect long lasting clear lipgloss, it Is not sticky.
Champagne is a clear lipgloss with gold glitter, this lipgloss makes any lipstick pop! And still makes a statement when worn by itself 😍😍
QUEEN is a  pink glitter lipgloss and looks perfect when worn like that, it just adds a natural shine and glitter to the lips 😍
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ouhh! Really shimmery lipgloss 😍 This is perfect on top of a lipstick and a little goes a long way
~ The perfect glossy formula and NOT STICKY ~It is also long lasting ~Light Fruity smell ~Vegan ~Cruelty free ~ 8mlΒ 
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~ Brown sugar is a moisturizing squeeze tube lipgloss ~It adds a light brown tint to the lips and has a non sticky formula ~Light Fruity smell ~Vegan ~Cruelty free...
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~ Pikliz has a shimmer orange tint to it ! 😍 ~non sticky and long lasting formula ~Light Fruity smell ~Vegan ~Cruelty free ~ 8ml 
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